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Greetings crew!

I've just purchased my first Audi! So far, love it! I've only had one German car previously, a 928, sort of wish fulfilment (from BEFORE Risky Business!) and while I did love it, it was a money pit.

My S4 has 60k miles and I'm the second owner, and the first was quite an enthusiast; tuned, summer and winter tires on Audi wheels, some hardware upgrades. I didn't really know what I was getting into!

I actually have to flash it back to stock, and it's taken me a couple of weeks to learn that I had to purchase an R4 dongle from 034 to work with Mac stuff, and hopefully that will resolve my check engine light issue and can get inspected. I'm making an effort to learn basics of tuning in case I want to go back to something after getting The State off my back.

I'd be grateful if anyone could direct me to some very basic resources to educate myself on tuning. I've seen 034's videos and stuff (not helpful) and have poked around a little on the webs, but to no avail. I can handle some technical stuff, but don't want more litanies of acronyms and numbers, nor 1000 pages for the most serious among us. I don't plan to enter the industry, just want to make sure if I decide to tune after getting an inspection, that I don't go wrong from ignorance.

much appreciated!
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