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Hi guys I'm a new member
iv ownew my audi s4 b8 for about 14 15 months nw. Havent drove it in the last 7 months as was left with vagtechnic in Netherton Dudley West Midlands. It went in because my catalytic gave up and broke so I did a de cat resonator delete new flexi my manifold broke so did some wielding on that. Then they suggested I do my timing chain so cut the story short , I did my timing chain full kit. Lower arms Upper arms wheel hub bearing engine oil etc new battery as they left my car for 7 months sitting . My balance was £5908 included 982 vat. 30 hrs labour 80 ph plus vat =2400 . Yes I know very expensive. No cash deals. Anyways the problems I'm having nw since I have the car is sunroof motor won't open via rotary switch but from the pull down close button only have tried to re adapt it but unsure of the correct method . Next is my cluster , from 120mph to 200 mph the led flickers which has never done that prior before work carried out. I'm assuming its related to high voltage from the new battery agm . 3 engine codes 2 are manifold intake stuck open b. 1 is engine performance timer. Which none were there before I had the work done.
so I'm not sure what I'm exactly asking for , but need help with above error mentioned. I have tried to message the company that did the work ment to be a professional company service was crap after service is even worse . The reply I had was hi not sure we didn't drive car even for 1 mile. The end.
iv paid via my company business account so I could claim the vat back. But is worth taking the company to court or reporting it to trading standards or anything for me to win . I would presume I have warranty on the work carried out .
never had this situation so unsure of the best way to go about it
thanks any help any advice is welcome
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